Also, check out the Golden Realm 2D graphics kit, containing over 900 custom sprites for 2D game creation! HERE

How Is it So Cheap? - A common question is; how can we make this engine so cheap? It's simple. We believe in game-making help being available for everyone. We ask the $1.00 only to help further develop the engine. By your purchase, we can further develop this engine.

Is There A Lot of Programming Required? - The answer is no! Golden Realm is as user-friendly and anti-programming as possible. A simple understanding of basic GML is suggested but not required. You can do a ton with this engine without any understanding of programming. This is a very easy-to-use Game Maker engine.

Are Graphics Included - Yes. Some basic graphics are included. There are, however, not a full game's worth. For more graphics, see the GR Graphics Kit HERE

Can I Use This Engine For An Adventure Game Instead of an RPG? - Of course! This engine is very moldable, and you could easily use it for an adventure game.

What Is Included? - Character Movement, Fighting, Items, Text-Boxes, NPC support, Easy Room-to-Room Transitions, and so much more!

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